Dear Bride-to-be,

I have worked with a number of brides and learned a couple of valueable lessons. “The Bride Journals” series of blogs is where I will impart the knowledge I have gained so that you are empowered to make the right decisions, ensuring an unforgettable day.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.”

Those were the words of the highly successful business man, Warren Buffet and the number one message I would like to convey to brides today.

To be a bride is all about expectation, of your future life, of your special day, of your fairy tale looks and setting. For each one of us there are different motivators when it comes to our decision making process. There are various emotions and desired end results. So many factors that plays a role in you choosing the people that will provide you with the results on your special day. You make these decisions based perhaps on how you feel in the moment, or being swayed by someones word-of-mouth recommendation or finally budget. But do you realise that a few months down the line, on the day of your wedding, some of those decisions for service providers might blow up in your face?

You are going to have to choose between thousands of options and this is going to cause a whole lot of stress for you. I want to make it a little less stressful, and guarantee an outcome that will take your breath away and leave you with gratitude and memories of a once in a life time day.

When you choose a makeup artist (and all other service providers) please don’t start with price. Yes – you have a budget, we all do. But more important than your money is your peace of mind. Asking for recommendations on a social media platform and receiving 100’s of suggestions will only confuse you more. Why? Because all those people are answering you from their own perspective. Not yours. (An important lesson to learn about all things and outside opinions in life!) What is it that you need in terms of a person who will be working in your face and personal space?

Consider these factors:

– Skill

– Years of experience

– Portfolio

Then – pick up the phone – old school style – and speak to the person. Get a sense for their personality, their work ethics, their loyalty and their passion. A text message, whatsapp or e-mail will not give you the chance to find that out. Find out if you can trust this person in your personal space.

Ask them for recommendations for other service providers. Most makeup artists who’s been in the industry for quite some time will have worked with excellent peers. When there is an already established relationship between your service providers it makes for a wonderful atmosphere in your bridal room on the day of your wedding. Leaving you with the most important task of the day, soaking up memories and looking spectacular.

I’ve been to weddings where people have such big ego’s they don’t give the other creatives in the room the necessary respect, and they certainly don’t consider the most important person on the day – You.

Telling the story of your wedding day is never just about the makeup. Us creative folks just love it when everything come together… it’s about the vision of creating beautiful work and you are the subject of our creative genius. I know when I work with certain photographers and videographers that they will ensure the quality of my work. By association we strive for nothing other than excellence. For us, our brides are visions in white, waiting to be transformed in whatever her heart desires.

Find those people who share your core values. For whom respect, consideration, time, quality and value still counts for so much. Find the artists for whom it’s not about making a buck but who does it for the joy and passion of creating their most beautiful work – on You.

Look out for some more snippets of wisdom in further Bride Journal posts.

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