Why should I hire a professional make-up artist for my wedding?

Makeup for camerawork is unlike everyday makeup. A qualified and experienced makeup artist understands camera, lighting and reflected light, that is, not just the way you look when seen with the eye, but the way your makeup will translate when the light bounces off your face and is refracted back to the camera in your photos and video.


Understanding this, I enhance your good features, modifying and altering proportions, if required by using cosmetics. The techniques I use, come from photography and the motion picture industry and are extensions of classic sculpture style and proportion.


Hiring a professional makeup artist with the knowledge of creating these cosmetic illusions for the camera, even lightly applied, will ensure that your photographer will capture your most beautiful self. My makeup application can be very subtle and natural; or bold and glamorous; either providing you with a flawless, glowing complexion and confidence in your appearance on your special day.

Do you offer a make-up trial run?

Yes. While I don’t require one, they offer my client’s peace of mind. It’s a valuable opportunity for you and I to discuss and explore different thoughts and ideas, so you will know exactly what to expect on your wedding day.


If scheduled far enough in advance, I usually suggest that it may be a good idea to utilize the trial in more ways than one. Have your hair done and ask your photographer to do a boudoir shoot or “engagement” shoot. This way you will know exactly how your makeup will read on camera and you can guarantee your desired outcome.
I have a list of exceptional service provider for this purpose. Please refer to the “Team” section.

What should I bring to the trial session?

You may use your regular skin care products and should come without any makeup. I suggest that you bring along photographs of the looks or colour combinations you love. These reference photos that you bring are a great ‘shorthand’ of what you envision. You can also show me a photo of your wedding dress which I will use to determine your style personality.


NB – If you are bringing a friend along please inform me prior to your trial. It is not ideal to have a third person at the session but I do understand the reasoning behind the decision.

What usually happens during a trial?

I’ll work with you to determine your exact look – whether soft and natural or bold and glamorous. During the trial session the bride and I will discuss makeup styles, colours, intensity and the design that will achieve her intended wedding day look.


We discuss your vision, your dress, and I get a feel for your personality and determine what the best look will be for you. We try different options until you are completely satisfied with your look. After shooting a “BEFORE” picture, the application begins integrating all the ideas discussed; I will be explaining as I go; not just what I’m doing, but the ‘why’ and suggesting possibilities.


When the bride is happy with the finished product, I will shoot an ‘AFTER’ photo or two. The ‘AFTER’ picture along with your ‘BEFORE’, will be sent to you. These photos can be used by the bride or myself to be further inspired to make any additions or changes.

Where will the wedding trial take place?

The trial will take place at my studio. If you prefer that we do the trial at your home that can be arranged and additional travel fees will apply.

What type of makeup products do you use?

I use the best available consumer and professional products appropriate for you, depending on your skin type. They are hypoallergenic, fragrance, oil and cruelty-free. I carry various diverse consumer and professional makeup brands in my kit. I don’t stick to one name brand; the products are chosen for their ability not their name recognition; I work from an extensive palette – including: Bobbi Brown, Inglot, Makeup Forever, Makeup Designory, Kryolan, Graftobian and NYX.

Do you have experience with different ethnic groups and skin types?

Yes. I have always specialised in custom blended make-up to match any skin tone; light or dark, pink or olive. I’m also used to working with all skin types: young problem skin; delicate, sensitive or mature.

How long will my makeup last?

I guarantee a long-lasting finish and comfort on the skin. Using a range of professional waterproof and water resistant products along with studio application techniques, your makeup will last the whole day and into the night. Expect the usual minor touch-ups such as replenishing your lipstick or blotting or powdering shine from your face once in a while. I will ask you to choose your own lip colour (for touch-ups the rest of the day and evening) and it is also a good idea to invest in a pressed powder compact compatible with your skin tone. You can buy these products from me.

Do you stay to do touch-ups on the bride until she’s ready to walk down the aisle or do you provide a wedding makeup touch-up service?<br />

Usually, I clean and wrap everything after all the wedding party make-ups have been completed, but yes, if you are taking pictures before the ceremony or would like me to stay for touch-ups until the ceremony actually begins, additional time is available per hour.

I plan on changing dresses before the reception; can I also change my hair and enhance my makeup so everything flows together?

Whether you are taking photos after the ceremony or would like to change or touch-up your make-up before the reception, as long as I am not booked elsewhere, I can be available for you per hour for any additional time you would like me to stay.

On the wedding day, how long does it take for each person’s makeup?

After working with brides and bridal parties from all over the world for the last 20 years, I suggest to brides and their planners, to decide when they would like to be ready (either for photos or when they actually have to leave) and then back time from ‘ready’ 50 minutes a face and 1 hour for the bride. Sometimes it only takes 35 minutes to do a face and sometimes longer. I never rush my application because that is part of the joy of my job. If we work on 50 minutes per face there is always additional time worked into the program and this is conducive to a relaxed atmosphere.

When does the bride have her make-up done?

I like to do the Bride’s application second last, so that while I am busy with the last face, the Bride is able to dress and start with photos.

I have a large wedding party. In addition to myself, I have 8 bridesmaids who all want makeup and hairstyling. How are you going to be able to get everyone ready on time?

Usually hairstyling take longer than makeup and the hair stylist may choose to bring additional stylists to be sure everyone is ready on time, but, if possible, I always like to see to everyone’s makeup to be sure to coordinate and maintain the ‘look’ of an event.


When you decide your ‘ready time’ ~ when you would need to leave for your event, or be ready for your photos, we just back ourselves up 50 minutes a person (an average) and that will give us our approximate start time. If we don’t have enough time I will bring an assistant with me. There will an additional charge to cover her travel costs if she has to travel separately.


In terms of coordinating makeup and hairstyling times it’s best to work on averages. As long as I have someone in my chair for the entire duration – even if I have to stop halfway with an application to give the hairdresser someone to work on – I can continue with another face in the meantime.

What happens if I suddenly have an extra person who wants to be included in the make-up schedule?

Even though some of your bridal party or family has not wanted to be ‘fussed with,’ when the day arrives and they experience the excitement of everyone else getting beautiful ~ that person may decide they would like to be included as well. If I have extra time I will help them with pleasure but I will not compromise the time I have with my bride.

My mom’s/mother-in-law’s/bridesmaid’s day-to-day look is a bit dated, and I’m afraid that if they insist on doing their own look, it will take away from the style I envision. I want to include them – how can I do this without hurting their feelings?

The best solution is for you to “treat” these individuals to their beauty services for the wedding, and to stress how important it is to you that the look of everyone in the wedding party is coordinated and cohesive.
Also, consider paying for makeup and hairstyling (or a portion thereof) as a bridesmaid/wedding party gift. Your photos and video will look better if everyone in your immediate wedding party has professional beauty services, rather than having some girls ‘with’ and some ‘without.’

Who else can receive your services?

Everyone; anyone! The flower girl, even the groom; father of the groom AND father of the bride might need a bit of a touch-up. Whether it’s a little clean-up under the eyes; cover an imperfection or heavy beard line; reduce shine, or fill in that thin hairline or bald spot in back; everyone wants to look good for those pictures!

Is airbrush make-up application available?

No. My application technique will give you the exact same seamless effect achieved by an airbrush. I prefer working with brushes (just a personal artistic preference on my side).

Sometimes my face tends to look ghostly white in pictures. Why is this?

This is caused by SPFs contained in your foundation. As the zinc and titanium oxides reflect the sun, so do they reflect the flash of the camera. Ensure that you use a foundation with no, or very low SPF.

Do you style hair for weddings?

Although I do style hair for shoots and functions, I prefer to work alongside a specialist bridal stylist on the day of the wedding. This is mostly due to time constraints. Please refer to the preferred supplier’s page on my website for stylists I like to work with.

What if I want to go for tanning sessions – will this affect the trial?

You are more than welcome to go for tanning sessions before or after the trial. Please don’t go for a tanning session the day before because you don’t want to be a bride that smells like self-tan lotion.

Hair or make-up first?

Always try to have you hair done first. You want your makeup to be as fresh as possible, and the hair can take a while.

Is there a travel fee?


I am getting married outside of Gauteng — Can I have you travel with me?

If you are intending to travel a long distance to a far off place for your wedding, I have and do travel all over the world to do makeup for weddings and events ~ Weddings as far away as Mauritius, Maldives even Europe. Pricing for this type of event is different what is listed on the Bridal Service Menus. Please call or e-mail me for a custom quote.

How can I reserve my wedding date?

To secure your date, a non-refundable deposit, (your trial fee which is also my 2 hour service minimum) must be paid via EFT. Many brides prefer to secure their date even before their trial to ensure availability of their day. The deposit will be applied toward the total of your final balance for services.
We’ll need to know when, (actual date and whether a morning, afternoon or evening event) and where ~ you’ll have plenty of time to decide how many people you would like to have made up ~ The final ‘face count’ can be added to or subtracted from up until the last week or so as your event approaches.
Sometimes brides book me a year or more in advance or more typically ~ months in advance, however, it may still be possible to accommodate your request on short notice, if your date is still available.

Do you do makeup for other occasions?

I can provide makeup services for any occasion ~ Rehearsal Dinners; Anniversary and Special Birthday Parties; Bar and Bat Mitzvahs; Holiday and Theme Parties or Fund Raisers ~ Any social event you can imagine, that will be photographed or recorded, or anytime you would want to look and feel special.

Do you ever teach individuals your techniques?

Yes, I do offer Private Instruction or make up lessons to help you achieve professional results and helping teach how to get the most out of your own make up collection for your everyday use or special occasions. I can work one-on-one with individuals or teach small classes.

What forms of payment do you accept?

EFT or Cash only.