The Beauty Brand is a boutique consultancy catering for clients with an appreciation for authentic beauty, creativity, a passion for learning and being their best selves. Our service offerings link together a host of products, services and suppliers that develop client’s beauty and brand and ultimately unlocks potential.

We approach makeup, image, and style with an ethos of truth and innate value. Our services and products look much further than skin deep.

From our founder – Maureen Grobler 

After having worked in the beauty industry for many years, I reached a place where I could see through the masks people wear. I could relate on every level of insecurity and my deep understanding of these very human traits provided me with an empathy and a desire to help people not only on the outside but reaching deeper and for much longer. My gift to transform has been an immense blessing in my life and if, even for just a moment, I can make you feel beautiful, valued, worthy and dignified, then my job has been done well.

“Let people catch something from your heart that will cause no discomfort, but help them to sing” – Rumi

Maureen Grobler: Founder & Owner

Me in two words: Inquisitive and effervescent.

What does beauty mean to me: Kindness, compassion, charity, joy, patience, self-respect, dignity, self-love, peace, self-worth, generosity, humility, gentleness, self-control, and faithfulness all sprinkled with a touch of “Can do” attitude!

Why am I beautiful: I’m real.

What do I find beautiful: Simplicity. Remarkable design. The colour blue. Music. Intelligence. Mystery. Other real people.

Where do I find beauty: I am hardwired to see beauty everywhere. There is colour, design, art and symmetry in everything around us. All we have to do is develop an awareness and apply it in our daily living.

My beautiful song: “Shape of my heart” by Sting.